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10507, Farms, Bedford Hills, NY, produce, fruits and herbs, organic methods, health, sustainability, live, nutrient rich soil, organically, sustainably, Organic Produce, Products include, pure foods | Westchester Amba Farms "Organic Farm"

  Amba Farms is a small-scale, family operated farm, located at 29 Wood Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, Westchester County in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Amba Farms: "Amba Farms is a small-scale, family-operated, organic business in Bedford Hills, New York. We are a private farm that sells primarily to local restaurants but also to the public at local farm markets. At the farm we focus on growing a wide variety of produce from every vegetable family, as well as fruits and herbs, with particular emphasis on exciting lesser-known heirloom species. We use all organic methods and employ many permaculture principles with the goal of health, vitality and sustainability for our ecosystem. The quality of our product reflects the success of our philosophies." Amba Farms  "Organic Farm" | Westchester  more . . .

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Apogee Pilates and Wellness Center


10507 Children's Room Story Times | Westchester Bedford Hills Free Library

  The Bedford Hills Free Library is located at 26 Main Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507 in Westchester County.

From Bedford Hills Free Library: "The Bedford Hills Free Library was first opened by Mrs. Eliza Gourlie above a local hardware store and has been serving the people of Bedford Hills since 1915. Later the library moved to the Bedford Hills Community House, using what is now their Audubon Room.

The present building, built in 1860, was acquired in 1952. On the second floor two apartments were constructed to help acquire funds for the library. The library was renovated in 1960 and the two apartments eliminated to provide more space for the growing needs of the library. Mary C. Hyatt, served as library director from 1947 to 1974. In 1974 the new children's room was opened and named in her honor. The library continues to change as technology enhances the use of our collections. Bedford Hills Free Library | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Bedford Hills Memorial Park is located at 60 Haines Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507 in the Town of Bedford. It is one of several parks in the municipality of Bedford that offer Summer Day Camp programs and many other activities for kids and adults.

Picnic Packs
For residents planning summer picnics, the Bedford Recreation & Parks Department offers free use of a picnic pack of outdoor game equipment such as playground balls, jump ropes, Frisbees, wiffle balls, bats, etc. Those interested should contact the office at least one week prior to their planned picnic. A $25 refundable deposit is required (refunded upon the return of the picnic pack ). Bedford Hills Memorial Park | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Rainbeau Ridge, a “real and accessible” farm, is located at 9 David's Way, Bedford Hills, NY 10507. Rainbeau Ridge goat cheese is made practically in your backyard. (Only CAP members can purchase farm products at farm - Click blue button for more information). Rainbeau Ridge Farm | Westchester  website and more . . .

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Bedford Hills
Westchester County
Hudson Valley

Bedford Hills is a hamlet located in the Town of Bedford. The hamlets of Bedford Hills, Bedford Village, and Katonah comprise the municipality known as the Town of Bedford. Bedford is in northern central and northeastern Westchester County, New York with Bedford Hills located toward the center and western part of the Town. For information about activities, attractions, and things to do in or near the Town of Bedford, visit the hamlets of : Bedford Village, Bedford Hills, and Katonah.

Town History of Bedford
"On December 23, 1680, 22 men from Stamford, Connecticut, founded the Town of Bedford when they purchased, fur coats, blankets, wampum and cloth, a tract of land three miles square known as the "Hopp Ground" from Chief Katonah and several other Indians.

    "These proprietors from Stamford were New England Puritans who promptly set about to plan their new settlement providing for a meetinghouse, gristmill on the Mianus River and burying ground. Today's Village Green is one-third its original size but the graveyard and surrounding principal streets remain substantially as they were originally planned in 1681.

    "Bedford was part of Connecticut in 1697 when a patent fixed the boundaries as a six-mile square and it wasn't until England's King William issued a royal degree in 1700, to settle a boundary dispute, that Bedford became part of New York.

    "The Town's importance grew during the Colonial period and served as the wartime Westchester County seat during the Revolutionary War after the Battle of White Plains and until Bedford was burned by the British on July 11, 1779. After the Revolution, Bedford became one of two seats of County government, alternating with White Plains until 1870. The Court House in Bedford Village, built in 1787 and renovated in the 1960s, is Westchester County's oldest government building."

Bedford Hills
"Once known as Bedford Station when the railroad was built in 1847, Bedford Hills extends from its bustling business center at the railroad station to farms and estates as it spreads eastward along Harris, Babbitt and Bedford Center roads and south along the busy Route 117 business corridor toward Mt. Kisco. This hamlet is the site of the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, the largest women's prison in New York State. Bedford Hills is also the seat of Town government and home to the Town House, built in 1927, and several other Town buildings where the Police Department and Town offices are located."

Source: Town of Bedford

History And Antiquities
The following covers "History and Antiquities", a general collection of interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, and anecdotes about Westchester County and its towns. When reading the following, remember to keep in mind that this information has been written about two hundred years ago. Population statistics and events have not been revised to reflect current events and perspective. We think this adds to the historical flavor and interest of the writings, giving a different perspective on much of this information and written in an "older world" writing style. "Historical Collections of the State of New York" , Published by S. Tuttle, 194 Chatham-Square, 1841

    "Bedford, from New York NE, 44 miles, was first settled under a Connecticut license in 1681 or 1682, at a place called the hop-ground, on account of its natural product. The original patent, dated 1697, bears the Connecticut seal, and it was not until 1700 that the settlement was attached to New York by order of King William. Bedford, the half-shire town, has a courthouse and about 45 dwellings. Whitlockville is a small village."

    First Chief-Justice of the United States
    John Jay during the latter part of his life resided in the northern part of this town. The annexed sketch of his life is from Blake's Biographical Dictionary: "John Jay, LL.D., first chief-justice of the United States under the constitution of 1789, graduated at Kings, (now Columbia College) in 1764 and in 1768 was admitted to the bar. He was appointed to the first American congress in 1774. Being on the committee with Lee and Livingston to draft an address to the people of Great Britain, he was the writer of the eloquent production. In the congress of 1775, he was on various important committees, performing more service perhaps than any other member except Franklin and John Adams. In May, 1776, he was recalled to assist in forming the government of New York, and in consequence his name is not attached to the declaration of Independence . . . though not a member of the convention that formed the constitution of the United States, he was present at Annapolis and aided by his advice. He also assisted Madison and Hamilton in writing the Federalist. In the convention of New York he contributed to the adoption of the constitution. He was appointed chief justice by Washington, December 26, 1789. In 1794, he was appointed minister plenipotentiary to Great Britain, and succeeded in negotiating the treaty, which still goes, by his name. Chief-Justice John Jay was governor of the state of New York from 1795 to 1801. The remainder of his life passed in retirement. He died in 1829, aged 84."

About Bedford Hills
Go biking, hiking, or fishing. Visit the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. The Ward Pound Reservation is a 4,315-acre park making Ward Pound Ridge Reservation the county’s largest park. With its varied terrain and landscapes and miles of wooded trails the park provides a variety of activities in all seasons. There are areas for picnicking, lean-to camping, fishing and cross-country skiing. The park is home to the Trailside Nature Museum, which hosts weekend nature interpretive programs year-round.

Visit local parks in Bedford Hills. Take the kids to Bedford Hills Park or Rosaforte Park. Bedford Hills Park offers many things to do including, baseball, basketball, fishing, a playground, and for those hot summer days enjoy the swimming pools in Bedford Hills Park. Winter activities include ice skating at the park.

After a day of antiquing, visit antique shops in Bedford Hills. When you've finished shopping for antiques, dine at one of many restaurants in Bedford Hills, New York.

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