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10536, Ice Hutch, sports complex, indoor Ice Skating and Ice Hockey, Ice Rink Activities, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Ice Hockey Lessons, Ice Skating, Ice Skating Rentals, Ice Skating School, Public Skating | Westchester Ice Hutch

  The Ice Hutch, offering indoor ice skating and ice hockey, is located at 655 Garden Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 in Westchester County.

From The Ice Hutch: "Founded in 1997, The Ice Hutch serves the skating community all year-round by offering skating lessons for all levels, weekly public skating, figure skating and hockey sessions. The Ice Hutch also features hockey leagues in the spring and fall each year for players seeking a highly competitive experience." Ice Hutch | Westchester  website and more . . .

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10550 Central-Library Westchester-Library-System Children's Room foreign books Anne Izard Storytelling Collection Computer Center Kid's Catalog Parenting videos Family programs Cyber Corner  Gates Computer Training Lab ESOL | Westchester Mount Vernon Public Library

  The Mount Vernon Public Library is located at 28 South First Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550.The Mount Vernon Public Library was chartered by the State of New York in March, 1896. Andrew Carnegie, the retired steel tycoon and benefactor of libraries, donated $50,000 in 1904 that allowed for the building to be constructed on its present site. The library is a neoclassical Revival style building. Mount Vernon Public Library | Westchester  website and more . . .

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10550, National Historic Site, Mount Vernon, NY , History of St. Paul's Church, about Saint Paul's Church, Things to Do at Saint Paul's Church, Cemetery Tour, Guided Tour of Church, Living History Program, Organ Concert, Outdoor Music Festival | Westchester Saint Paul's Church "Historic Site"

  Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site is located at 897 South Columbus Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550 in Westchester County.

    History of St. Paul's Church
    "In 1763, the people of Eastchester, New York began building the present stone and brick church building of St. Paulís. It was an upgrade, a replacement for a small, square wooden meetinghouse building, which stood about 60-80 yards west of the current church. The wooden meeting house had been in use since 1700, and by the 1760s, Eastchester was a larger, wealthier town, deserving a more substantial building for public use. It was also the end of the French and Indian War, a time of great celebration, optimism and wealth in the colonies, with the long-dreaded French rivals vanquished from North America. The new church was partly a celebration of that momentous victory of England and her colonies over France.
Saint Paul's Church  "Historic Site" | Westchester  website and more . . .

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10550, Park, Pool, Mount Vernon, NY, swimming, wave pool, water slide, water playground, Things to Do, Fishing, Hiking, Nature Study, Picnicking, Playground, Winter Activities, Ice Skating, Birthday Parties for Kids, bathhouse | Westchester Willsonís Woods Park & Pool

  Willson's Woods Park and Pool is located at East Lincoln Avenue, Mount Vernon NY 10550, Westchester County. Willson's Woods is one of the oldest parks in Westchester County. Willsonís Woods is a 23-acre park offering a beautiful swimming pool and adjacent English Tudor style bathhouse along with areas for picnicking and fishing. Willsonís Woods Park & Pool | Westchester  website and more . . .

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Mount Vernon

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