Cortlandt Manor

Westchester County

Chicory Meadow Farm

  Chicory Meadow Farm is an English Riding Stable located at 6 Jack Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 in northern Westchester County.

"Chicory Meadow is a peaceful and professionally operated boarding facility offering a beautiful setting, extra large indoor arena, large matted stalls, daily turnout, wash rack and experienced care. Please call today to schedule a viewing of our facilities. Chicory Meadow Farm | Westchester  website and more . . .

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10567, Aaron Copland, Cortlandt Manor, NY, Nonet for strings, Emblems for symphonic band, Eight Poems of Emily Dickinson, Duo for flute and piano, Attractions at Copland House in Cortlandt Manor, 
Guided tours of Rock Hill, Tour home of Aaron Copland | Westchester Copland House in Cortlandt Manor

  The Aaron Copland House, known as Rock Hill, home where Aaron Copland lived and composed for over 30 years, is located at 1538 Washington Street, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 in northern Westchester County.

From Copland House: "The house known as Rock Hill was built around 1940 on Lower Washington Street, in a section of the city of Peekskill that subsequently became Cortlandt Manor. Originally constructed by an architect for himself and his family, the six-room, prairie-style house and separate garage with duplex apartment sit atop 2.5 secluded, hilly acres in a quiet residential area. As you leave the road and ascend a long, winding driveway through the woods, Rock Hill gradually comes into view. Your first impressions are of lush woods and stone walls. Large picture windows afford a glimpse of knotty pine within.

"Aaron Copland gave up his Manhattan apartment and studio for good in 1947. He initially rented a house on the banks of the Hudson River and then bought his first home in 1952 in Ossining. Quickly outgrowing the latter, he bought Rock Hill in 1960, and moved in following that summer's Tanglewood Festival. He was still surrounded by unpacked cartons when journalists from Time and Newsweek visited the house to interview him for his coming 60th birthday in November. Though born and raised in Brooklyn and a city-dweller for many years, Copland adored country living, and this house in particular. His memoirs convey the excitement of his initial impression of Rock Hill: Copland House in Cortlandt Manor | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Cortlandt Farm Market is located at 2267 Crompond Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 in Westchester County. Our farm market has been family owned and operated since 1976. We are a full service garden center and farmers market that uses our greenhouses to grow extraordinary hanging baskets, annuals and vegetable plants.

Spring Our lush hanging baskets are grown right here in our greenhouse. We carry many varieties and configurations. We are sure to have just what you are looking for. You will not find our home grown Hanging Baskets anywhere else. cortlandt farm market & garden center | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Go bowling at Cortlandt Lanes, a bowling center offering 38 bowling lanes, is located at 2192 Crompond Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 in Northwestern Westchester County. Cortlandt Lanes | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Gymnastics City, offering gymnastics, is located at 2121 Crompond Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 in Northwestern Westchester County. Gymnastics City is one of the largest and best equipped Gymnastics and Cheerleading schools in New York. We are celebrating our 30th year, where our Gym City staff has been teaching athletes of every age and ability; from Tiny Tots 18 months to Junior Olympians 18 years old. Gymnastics City | Westchester  more . . .

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  Hemlock Hill, a family owned and operated farm since 1939, offering grass-fed products, is located at 500 Croton Ave., Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 in Westchester County.

From Hemlock Hill: "Located in Cortlandt Manor, Hemlock Hill Farm is one of the oldest family owned working farms in Westchester County. The DeMaria family have worked this land since 1939. We are dedicated to providing the community with all natural, wholesome farm raised products for over 70 years. It is our aspiration to preserve what is left of the family farming in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Hemlock Hill Farm | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  The Hendrick Hudson Free Library is located at 185 Kings Ferry Road, Montrose, NY 10548 in northern Westchester County. The library covers the towns of Buchanan, Verplanck, Crugers, Montrose, and parts of Cortlandt Manor, Croton, and the City of Peekskill. Hendrick Hudson Free Library - Cortlandt Manor | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Hudson Highlands Gateway Park
Cortlandt, Westchester County
Hudson River Valley, New York State

"The 5.2 miles of trails in this park co-owned by Scenic Hudson, the Town of Cortlandt and Westchester County offer exciting opportunities to explore forests, rock ridges, streams and wetlands, as well as the myriad wildlife dependent upon them. Hudson Highlands Gateway Park is managed by the Town of Cortlandt, with trails maintained in cooperation with the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference." Hudson Highlands Gateway Park | Westchester  website and more . . .

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Cortlandt Manor
Westchester County
Hudson Valley

Cortlandt Manor is a hamlet in the Town of Cortlandt located in the northwestern corner of Westchester County, New York. The Town of Cortlandt includes the villages of Croton-on-Hudson and Buchanan, the CDPs of Crugers and Verplanck and the hamlets (communities) of Montrose and Cortlandt Manor. It also includes Lake Peekskill and a section of Mohegan Lake. The rural character of the town is defined by the Hudson River, New York City Watershed Lands, numerous wooded hills and steep slopes, wetland areas and beautiful streams

History of Cortlandt Manor
Hendrick Hudson discovered the Hudson River in 1609, sailing his ship the Half Moon north anchoring at Verplanck’s Point. Cortlandt derived its name from the Van Cortlandt family who began purchasing land in 1677 from the Croton River north to Anthony’s Nose and east to Connecticut. Cortlandt was the site of many skirmishes during the Revolutionary War. Local Roads, such as Watch Hill and Furnace Dock Road, where the furnaces that made ammunition for the war effort were located, bear names reflecting the Revolutionary time.

In 1788 under the Township Act, Cortlandt became one of 20 townships in Westchester County with Philip Van Cortlandt as the first Supervisor. During the 19th century the railroad was extended to the area and industrialization began to occur with the hamlet of Verplanck becoming an important brick making center. Through­out the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Town of Cortlandt was predominantly a rural, agricultural community with seasonal bungalow colonies serving the residents of New York City. By the 1950's Federal housing programs, combined with improvements to the road network and the railroad, led to the suburbanization of the Town, which was typical throughout New York State.

During the Revolutionary War, Lieutenant Colonel Cortlandt commanded the 2nd New York Regiment in the Continental Army. He was awarded the rank of brigadier general for gallant conduct at the siege of Yorktown under General Lafayette.

He served in both houses of the New York State Legislature and represented New York in the United States House of Representatives from 1793 until 1809. He died November 21, 1831 at Van Cortlandt Manor House in Croton in November of 1831 at the age of eighty-two. Van Cortlandt is buried at th Hillside Cemetery in Cortlandt.

Point of Interest: Philip Van Cortlandt, born August 21, 1749 was a land surveyor, land-owner and politician from Westchester County, New York. He pursued classical studies; attended Coldenham Academy and was graduated from King's College (now known as Columbia University) in 1768.

History And Antiquities
The following covers "History and Antiquities", a general collection of interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, and anecdotes about Westchester County and its towns. When reading the following, remember to keep in mind that this information has been written about two hundred years ago. Population statistics and events have not been revised to reflect current events and perspective. We think this adds to the historical flavor and interest of the writings, giving a different perspective on much of this information and written in an "older world" writing style. "Historical Collections of the State of New York" , Published by S. Tuttle, 194 Chatham-Square, 1841

    Cortland - Now known as Cortlandt
    "The surface of this town on the north is covered by the highlands, and has some lofty summits, the principal of which is the Kleberg and Anthony's nose. The town has a considerable portion of arable land. Pop. 5,592. Croton and Cortland town are small post villages."

About Cortlandt Manor
There are many things to do and places to go in and around Cortlandt. Find out about activities, attractions, and things to do in or near Cortlandt Manor. Visit local and state parks in Cortlandt. Play golf at some of the best golf courses in Westchester and the world. Hollow Brook Golf Club is located at 1060 Oregon Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 in the beautiful Hudson River Valley. Designed by Eric Bergstol, Hollow Brook is set on 250 pristine acres in Cortlandt Manor, New York. In the northwest corner of the county, Hollow Brook is part of a still-growing portfolio of Bergstol golf courses in New York and New Jersey. Bergstol has established a national reputation for golf courses that preserve and protect the environment and compliment the natural beauty of the land.

Visit the antique shops near Cortlandt Manor. Find antiques in Buchanan, Croton-on-Hudson, Crompond, Crugers, Montrose, Verplanck, Lake Peekskill, and other villages, hamlets and towns in the northern part of Westchester County. Select from a wide range of outdoor activities in Cortlandt Manor and Westchester County. Go fishing in Cortlandt, biking, or take the kids on a picnic in Cortlandt Manor, or at one of the many beautiful parks in the area. Go on a nature walk at Croton Point Park, a 508 acre park situated on a peninsula on the east shore of the Hudson River. This park offers year-round events and activities, including: camping, hiking, and swimming. Also, home of wine cellars, thought to be the oldest in New York State.

If you live in Manhattan or are planning a visit to New York City, you can easily take a train from Grand Central to Cortlandt. Go to Grand Central Station and take the MTA Metro-North Railroad to the Cortlandt Manor Station located at 2 Memorial Drive Cortlandt Manor, NY, 10566-1244. Cortlandt Manor station is 52.5 miles to Grand Central Terminal.

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