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  The Armonk Players performances are at the Whippoorwill Hall auditorium adjacent to The North Castle Public Library in Armonk, NY 10504 in Westchester County.

From Armonk Players: "The Armonk Players is a community theatre group whose intention is to produce high quality theatre for the enjoyment and enrichment of its participants and the local population. To this end we stage each year two full productions, one of which is usually a musical. We also offer free to the public four Simply Theatre! play readings programs and we invite attendees to discuss the play with the director and actors afterwards over coffee and cake. Armonk Players | Westchester  website and more . . .

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Contemporary Theater Arts Workshop


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  Hudson Stage Company, a local theatre group comprised of professional 'equity' actors, is located at Whippoorwill Hall Theatre, North Castle Library, 19 Whippoorwill Road East, Armonk, NY 10504 in Westchester County.

From Hudson Stage: "Founded in 1999 by its three producers Denise Bessette, Dan Foster and Olivia Sklar, Hudson Stage Company is the professional company in-residence at The North Castle Public Library in Armonk, NY. Operating as a 501 C-3 professional non-profit since its inception, HSC originally started doing staged readings of new works at the Croton Free Library. Hudson Stage Company | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  The North Castle Public Library has two branches.
    Armonk Branch
    19 Whippoorwill Road East
    Armonk NY 10504

    North White Plains Branch
    North Castle Community Center
    10 Clove Road
    North White Plains, NY 10603
North Castle Public Library - Armonk | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Wampus Pond Park, 102-acres in size, is located at Route 128, Armonk NY 10504, Westchester County. Wampus Pond is named after the Indian from whom this land was bought in 1696. Wampus Pond means “opossum". A recent cultural resources inventory performed by Parker Harrington indicates that early 20th century rock shelters, several Native American artifacts and remnants of historically significant residential developments were found within or near the park. Wampus Pond Park | Westchester  website and more . . .

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  Westmoreland Sanctuary is located at West 260 Chestnut Ridge Road, Bedford Corners, NY 10549, Westchester County, in the Hudson Valley. Westmoreland Sanctuary is a reconstructed 200 year-old building serving as a museum and nature center. The central room is used as an auditorium for public, school and scout programs and its periphery and second story balcony contains exhibits of flora and fauna of Westchester County. Westmoreland Sanctuary | Westchester  website and more . . .

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Town of North Castle
Westchester County

The Hamlet of Armonk is located in the Town of North Castle in the eastern section of Westchester County, New York. The Town of North Castle comprises approximately 26.5 square miles and is situated at the narrow waist of Westchester County. The bulk of the Town's land area lies north of this corner, but the most densely populated part of the town lies to the south. The Kensico Reservoir separates these two parts of North Castle. As of the 2010 Census, North Castle had a population of approximately 11,841.

The Town of North Castle is comprised of three hamlets: Armonk, Banksville, and North White Plains. Each of the hamlets offers its own unique set of characteristics. For questions about taxes, licenses, and government in North Castle, visit the Town House located at 15 Bedford Road, Armonk, NY 10504.

History of Armonk
It is believed that the Town of North Castle was originally inhabited by the Siwanoy, part of the Wappinger Confederacy and members of the Algonquin nation. The Siwanoy were taken by force in 1644 by Europeans. In the early 1700s, King William gave his favorite courtiers the West Patent, of which the western portion of North Castle was a part, and the Middle Patent, the eastern part of North Castle. At one time, North Castle included all the territory that became incorporated as New Castle in 1791. The territory comprising both towns was once part of the Parish of Rye organized in 1693.

The area quickly became a refuge for people fleeing from religious persecution. People from Massachusetts and Connecticut settled the eastern part of North Castle, while Quakers from Rye and Long Island gathered in Armonk. By 1730, North Castle was an established settlement.

The Town of North Castle was incorporated on March 7, 1788. North Castle's name is said to derive from a barrier built by the Mohican people to protect themselves from enemy attacks which stood on the hillside now occupied by the international headquarters of I.B.M. Corporation. They called the site "North Fort" and European settlers later gave it the name of North Castle. The name Armonk is derived from another Mohican word, 'Cohamoog', which means 'the wide, flat place where the water runs'.

During the American Revolution, New and North Castle were officially considered neutral territory. However, the area was strongly patriotic. One significant Revolutionary War conflict did occur in North Castle, "The Battle of White Plains". This battle of October 28, 1776 was a series of short skirmishes between General George Washington's small American army and General William Howe's much larger British & Hessian force. Although the British eventually won the confrontation, forcing Washington's troops to retreat, Howe never followed up this advantage by pursuing and capturing the American army. Thus, the battle served as a delaying action that allowed Washington's troops to withdraw to safety in New Jersey. As a result, many historians feel that the battle marked an important turning point in the war.

During the Revolutionary War, the Elijah Miller house in North White Plains served, several times, as the headquarters of General George Washington. A few miles to the west (now known as Mount Kisco) St. George's Church (North Castle Church) served as a camp and hospital. A young Frenchman's diary dated July 6, 1781, reported of the area: "This whole country gives evidence of the horrors of war... All the Whigs here have abandoned their houses. Among them are some very handsome ones, deserted, half destroyed, or burned, with untended orchards and gardens filled with fruits and vegetables and driveways overgrown with grass two feet high."

    Point of Interest
    The American Revolution in Westchester County and the Hudson River Valley

    Point of Interest
    Smith's Tavern in Armonk is believed to have been built in the late 1700's. John Smith, a former captain in the Continental Army, operated the house as a tavern, site of town meetings, colonial militia headquarters, post office, and stopping place for the Danbury stage as early as 1797. Smith's son Samuel continued to operate the tavern until his own death in 1884. Since 1974, the building has belonged to the North Castle Historical Society and is now open to the public as a museum.

During the early part of the 19th century, most North Castle residents were farmers. However, several small "cottage industries" did exist. For example, some farmers supplemented their income by becoming shoemakers or shirtmakers. The coming of the railroad in the 1840's marked the beginning of the shift away from the region's agricultural way of life. However, towns without the railroad, such as North Castle, suffered economically. North Castle was also hurt economically by the Industrial Revolution since new manufacturing techniques made the local cottage industries impractical. From 1860 to 1900, North Castle's population declined from 2,200 to 1,470.

Point of Interest: The Underground Railroad, which helped runaway slaves travel to freedom in Canada, operated a "station" between Armonk and North White Plains.

By the early 20th century, North Castle's economy improved dramatically due to the New York City purchase of reservoir land and the building of the Kensico Dam in Valhalla (1909-1915) which used North Castle granite. Many of the European immigrant stone masons who built the dam later settled in the town's Quarry Heights section.

About Armonk
For information about activities, attractions, things to do and places to go, in or near Armonk, visit local and parks in Armonk and nearby towns. Play golf at some of the country's best golf courses in Westchester New York. The Canyon Club, founded in 1974, is a private golf and country club nestled on 160 glorious acres overlooking the hamlet of Armonk. The 6,350 yard championship golf course, with superb conditions, is right at home in Westchester County - an area well known for a world-class golf experience. Visit the antique shops in Armonk. Select from a wide range of outdoor activities in Armonk and the greater Westchester County. Go fishing in Armonk, biking trails around the hamlet of Armonk, or take the kids on a picnic at one of the many beautiful parks in Armonk and North Castle. Plan a Nature Study walk at Wampus Pond Park in Armonk. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

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